Andrea Alexander

I wanted to share with you the excellent experience that I recently had working with Erin Dalton and David Maughn for the sale of my home. I met with Erin and David last June and discussed my options for my property. David and Erin were patient and helpful in answering all my questions and setting up a realistic timeline” At this point, David took the lead and became my main contact for the short sale that followed. We were fortunate to have an offer on the property two days after listing. From the beginning of that paperwork of the initial offer to the close of escrow, David was patient, compassionate, professional and extremely helpful. David consistently walked me through each step of this process with patience while always staying a few steps ahead of me so that when called about “the next step11 he had already anticipated my needs and handled it. He communicated clearly with me throughout the entire process and was an excellent advocate when he was interacting with others on my behalf. David was upfront and clear in explaining my options at every step of this process and also was able to use humor at times to help me maintain perspective when I was overwhelmed.

The decision to sell my home was not an easy one and was wrought with emotion for me. David was supportive and compassionate in taking this into consideration. He did not handle it like it was “just business” and I was impressed with his ability to handle the business aspect of this transaction while also realizing it was more than a mere business transaction for me.

David was able to keep a buyer interested and enthused about this property for the past 5 months as we have been diligently working with lenders to get this short sale approved. I don’t know how he kept the buyer interested all that time and I can only imagine the hours that he has put in to this sale that I do not know about. He remembered every appointment that I had in relation to this property and called to follow up with me every step of the way. To say that David went above and beyond in this sale, is an understatement He is an excellent asset to any business and I have enjoyed working with him in this process. I would recommend David and Erin to anyone in need of a realtor without any hesitation.

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